No matter the size, a complete service from start to finish

Anyplace Media Group’s team can complete the project from initial planning application to installation, plus service level agreement/SLA. whether it’s a 48-sheet billboard at the side of the road or mounted on a building or a high-resolution screen in the office boardroom.

A modular design to accommodate every environment
An LED display comprises a series of modular flat-panels using an array of LED’s to create an image. These panels can be used to create custom screen shapes/dimensions, and curved screens. Most LED panels are made up of 250×250mm panels, often mounted into a 500×500mm frame/cabinet. Which are then assembled to create a desired screen size.
For indoors, we use fine-pixel SMD screens with resolutions down to P0.5mm – providing spectacular displays in true 4K high-resolution. For outdoors our LED screens are sealed from moisture and dust (IP-67 rated), making them suitable for all harsh weather conditions.
The benefits include...
  • Long lifespan of over 100,000 hours
  • Low power consumption
  • Flicker-free images in a wide range of vibrant colours
  • Bright images which remain clear under all lighting conditions
  • Flexible shapes available, including curves