Menu Boards

Vibrant, flexible and eye-catching

Digital Menu boards (DMB's) are the effective digital sales tool solution. Pefect for use in the hospitality sector, leisure resort and fast-food/quick service retail environment

Dynamic and animated digital displays
that are 65% more eye-catching
than static content.
Digital menu boards mean no more delays while designs are created, no waiting for the delivery of printed materials and no staff downtime while existing menus are replaced. Instead you get simple-to-use, dynamic and animated digital displays that are 65% more eyecatching than static content, and have been shown to reduce perceived waiting times by up to 35%.
Digital menu boards (DMBs) are highly adaptable and simple to use. Changes to products and prices can be made in just a few clicks, and content can be updated simultaneously across many display systems locally or remotely. Boards can even be configured to respond automatically to weather, ambient temperature, time of day and other changes.
The benefits include...
  • Dynamically offer menus to customers. 
  • Clearer comuncation to customers. 
  • Advertise, without extra print costs. 
  • Update content easily and instantly. 
  • Highlight promotions to facilitate upselling.
  • Create responsive dynamic menus, that change depending on weather, temperature, time of day, etc.
  • Improved customer queue/wait times. 
  • Can be bulkhead or ceiling mounted. 
  • Variable screen sizes, ranging from 32 to 65 inches.