Content Creation & Management

We believe in the maxim ‘content is king’, and that the most expensive and sophisticated display in the world will not create a good impression without the right content.

People view the image not the screen, and that’s why you need to be engaging us early on in any digital signage project — to extend your vision and achieve maximum value from your investment.

We partner with some of the world’s best creative agencies to deliver bespoke content for digital menu boards/DMBs, billboards, wayfinding displays and traditional digital signage. We know how to produce powerful content that enhances your product or service offer.

Finding the most appropriate content management system/CMS for your signage can be a minefield, but we will guide you – whether you’re rolling out 24,000 brand-new screens, or you have just one. We supply CMS systems from BrightAuthor, Broadsign, Magicinfo, NowSignage, Scala, Signagelive, Tripleplay and others, and we can also create bespoke solutions when required.
Our CMSs can be cloud or dedicated-server based, and we have the ability to link-in with key metrics — such as weather and travel data – to make your content truly dynamic. How you go on to manage your digital content is up to you. Either we can do it on your behalf, or we can provide training to put you in the driving seat.

Most CMS systems require a media player to store and deliver the content, and we offer a full range for use in all environments. Some, however, work directly with the system-on-chip players now being built-in to many LG and Samsung screens for example.